Business to Consumer

Creatively reaching the most avid users of services, B2M delivers its content, services and applications through a variety of advertising mediums which includes print media, television, radio, bulk sms, and email.

The company sets its pricing flexibly at different level, so as to adapt to the fast changing consumer preference which has been successful in appealing to the varying usage patterns, attitude and satisfaction levels of its customers.

For greater accessibility and convenience for customers, B2M offers different payment arrangements through billing platforms via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging System (SMS) or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

Business to Business

By subscribing to B2M’s proven technology platforms such as SMS Gateway, IVR Server, WAP Server, Content Hub and Application Server, and Market Analytical Tools, businesses can rapidly acquire and reap the benefits of these infrastructures, without incurring high capital investments.

B2M is also able to assist clients who own websites through its mobile content and SMS delivery infrastructure. If an IVR system is required, B2M also has the expertise to set up and get started with service roll-outs. Our business to business target customers would be
  • Financial institute and Bank
  • Insurance Company
  • Jobs provider company
  • FMGC and pharmaceuticals company
  • MLM company
  • Welfare organization
  • Courier service provider
  • Education Institutions
  • Media – TV Channels, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines
  • Transportation Services
  • Quiz and Raffle Draw program 
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